İngilis Dili Buraxılış Testləri-Online Sınaq Testi
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1. What is the passage mainly about?


2. Which sentence isn’t true according to the listened passage?


3. Choose the right answer according to the listened passage.What are the entomogy and mammalogy?


4. Choose the correct variant. Jane works in...

 Spainpresently, butshe was born in... United Kingdom.

5. Choose the correct variant.

— is she living in the house with?

6. Which word is a type of bird?

7. Choose the correct pronoun

Try not to touch... decorations.

8. Which sentences can’t be changed into Passive?

1. Sally came home very early from work.

2. We picked litters in the beach last Sunday.

3. The teachers made summatives.

4. John seemed so tired.

9. Choose the correct form ofthe verb

Did Pete... you to drive so carefully?

13. Choose the correct modal verb.

1. can

 2. will be able to 

3. could 

4. won’t have 

5. doesn't have 

İngilis Dili Buraxılış Testləri-Online Sınaq Testi

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