İngilis Dili Online Sınaq - Testlər
ingilis dili fənni üzrə 10 suallıq sınaq imtahanı. Özünüzü sınamaq üçün testdən pulsuz yararlana bilərsiniz.

Tomorrow I … get up early. It is my day off

Not only … you, but he also lied to you

They … to arrive next Friday

I didn’t want to do it in the past, but now I …

… should be angry, not you

You … me immediately. Now it is too late

I have to … if I want to go to Mannheim this summer

Before you go to bed don’t forget to … all the lights

I’d ask you to marry me but I’m sure you’d turn me …

I look … to receiving a prompt reply to my letter

İngilis Dili Online Sınaq - Testlər

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